Tuesday, February 19, 2008

she's walking!!!

ivy started walking about 2 weeks after her birthday! i finally captured it on video... i think she would walk better if she knew aiden wasn't RIGHT behind her at all times!

this is a typical night after dinner. aiden chasing ivy around the house! they both just love this time together. and yes, aiden is that rough with her all the time, and she loves it!


ben said...

that is so awesome! look at ivy go. and that's too funny that aiden shadows her. it's got to be pretty incredible seeing them playing together like that. miss you guys.

anna and ben said...

so great! i can't wait till my girls aren't such slugs and actually do fun stuff like rough house. i love it - keep the videos coming!

Amy said...

LOOK at her walking!!! woo hoo. little one.