Saturday, February 23, 2008

waking up "AAAAAA- DEN"

ivy is learning to walk and talk! here she is going into aiden's room and yelling his name. it just cracks me up when i hear her say AIDEN!

aiden went to his friend Molly's birthday party today... he was crowned a 'king' for the day and he came around the corner tonight to tell me that 'this king is tired'... its so cute when he wears the crown ALL day long and then hangs his it on his bed post while he sleeps!


anna and ben said...

AAADEN is so cute with his crown!!! I can't wait to see them and have ms ivy play with our girls so i can play slinkys with my mushy aaaaa-den.

ben said...

i love it that someone's waking HIM up now, right? she is so awesome.